Sky View Convertible Bus Tour of DC

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Explore Washington in the Sky View Convertible Bus Tour

If you dream of going on a trip to Washington D.C. in a luxurious Mercedes Benz Glass Top Convertible, we provide you an experience of a lifetime. The SkyVue glass-top, convertible Sprinter is designed to encompass both entertainment and functionality with style. Mercedes has been updating the vehicle’s hi-tech features to stay ahead of its rivals. Apart from being lavishly spacious to provide comfort during the trip, there are individual reading lamps and adjustable air vents for a more personalized experience. Thanks to the SkyVue Mercedes Benz Glass Top Convertible, you get to enjoy panoramic views of Washington D.C. for a memorable trip. 

Sky View Convertible DC Bus TourA city like Washington, DC is hard to get a handle on in just a couple of days. This is why visitors often choose a guided bus tour that takes them to all the famous places in Washington to make the most of their trip. Although exploring a holiday destination on your own is a fascinating idea, it becomes a little difficult if you have older parents or young children with you. This is why guided bus tours are incredibly popular among tourists who come to Washington every year from within and outside the US.

Whether you are traveling alone or with loved ones, organized bus tours are great for exploring all the notable sites in less time. You will also learn more about different sites in Washington, DC. A guided tour company or a bus manages all the prep work for exploring landmarks in Washington, DC. This means you can save your time and energy, which is normally required for planning a holiday. The tour guide formulates a schedule for taking you to all the popular locations based on their proximity. The tour also takes into account the visiting hours on the itinerary so tourists do not have to wait and spend hours at just one place. All visitors have to sign up for their preferred tour and show up at the designated time to enjoy the trip.

Benefits of a Guided Bus Tour in the New Sky View Convertible Bus Tour

Sky View DC Bus TourSafety and Inside Knowledge
If you are travelling to Washington for the first time, you may be a little nervous to go to all the famous places on your own. For visitors who visit Washington, DC from other countries can find it hard to communicate in English. This is where a guided bus tour comes in handy. The guide may be fluent in several languages and reveal all the interesting information about Washington, DC in a simple language. 
Guided bus tour companies complete frequent tours in the area and generally hire locals who guide the bus tour. This gives the tour a personal touch, as the guide will provide all the information about a local site. The tour also makes room for uncovering hidden gems within Washington, DC that you may not be even aware about. A bus tour will share all its resources and knowledge to schedule landmark visits during the day when these sites are not busy.
Touring with a group of fellow travelers makes way for social interactions with other like-minded explorers. Even if you are not travelling with your family, you can make new friends when you are on a guided bus tour to visit important places in Washington, DC. USA Guided Tours invites people of all ages and cultures to explore the entire Washington, DC on one of their most exceptional sightseeing experience yet.
The bus tour is popular for offering the most stunning panoramic views of DC and Old Town Alexandria while you travel in a top of the line convertible Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Travel should be hassle-free and more about exploring the world. People, who want to know all about a city, often choose a guided bus tour, as they can know a lot about a place in less time. All travelers are adventurous but usually seek hassle-free methods of exploring a new destination.

Major Highlights of the Trip
  • Ride around the capital in a convertible Mercedes-Benz Glass-top
  • Explore famous sites including the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, US Marine Corps Memorial and more!
  • Visit the National Harbor and enjoy The Capital Ferris Wheel
  • Get to see the Masonic Temple and the Historic Christ Church
  • Follow influential tour guides who accompany you at every stop of the journey to offer a more personal and intimate experience
  • Enjoy the best scenic views of the city and the Potomac River!

For a memorable Washington DC trip, enjoy the best panoramic views of the city with our new convertible glass top bus. The exciting trip in the Mercedes- Benz begins with guided observations of the Lincoln Memorial and the White House. The highly knowledgeable tour guides accompany tourists to every attraction and provide a detailed narrative about the historic information about each landmark for 15 to 25 minutes. You can also take pictures or selfies as enough time will be provided to you for exploring the sites.
Enjoying the pleasant ride in the luxurious bus, users head to Maryland’s National Harbor, which is the ultimate entertainment hub, on the bank of the Potomac River. All tourists enjoy a stroll along the waterfront at the National Harbor, with an opportunity to grab a bite, shop a bit and ride the Capital Wheel. Reaching its maximum heights, the Capital Wheel attains a height of 180 feet and offers stunning views of Washington, DC.

Sky View DC Bus TourThe high-class Mercedes Benz following the National Harbor will take you through Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. You can explore the Historic Christ Church and The George Washington Masonic Temple. Hundreds of restaurants in Washington, DC provide fine dining to its visitors. Tourists will be taken to witness the US Marine Corps War Memorial. From the grounds of the Iwo Jima Memorial, visitors observe a panoramic view of the Washington Monument and the US Capitol Dome and the Lincoln Memorial.
Our guided bus tour in the luxurious SkyVue glass-top, convertible Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers several benefits to tourists, particularly for new adventurers. Here are a few of them.
  • Reduced stress and added comfort
  • Networking and socialization
  • Get to know about a place from a local guide
  • No planning and scheduling from your end
  • Convenience

Brandi Marcene | USA Guided Tours DC Blog Contributor