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Starting Point (DC Tour)

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At USA Guided Tours, we welcome you with open arms and will do everything within our reach to make your visit to the nation’s capital a lifelong memory. A memory that you will share with your grand kids many years from now and tell them how amazing Washington DC was.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington

Our daily guided tours which goes around the most important places in DC in a day will take you to places like Lincoln Memorial, White House and Martin Luther King Memorial among other many places. During our next few blog posts, we will take you through some of the attractions along the way. Come, let’s go visit Washington DC. USA Guided Tours’ day tour of Washington DC starts from US Navy Memorial, which honours the US sea services. Located in Americas Main Street, Pennsylvania St, the memorial is open from 9am till 5 pm every day. One of the major attractions of the exhibit is the statue of Lone Sailor representing all the people who serve, who are now serving and who are yet to serve in US sea services. We hope to see you in Washington DC.