Thanksgiving Day Parade In Washington, DC

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Thanksgiving Day Parade In Washington, DC

Thanksgiving isn’t just a time of gatherings and family dinners, they can be much more than a stuffed turkey in the oven. They can prove to be as enjoyable as other festivities in the country. Around this time, there are parades and amazing performances taking place throughout the country and Washington, DC is no exception to the norm.
Thanksgiving parades in Washington, DC are an exciting sight to see and to see them proves to be an exhilarating experience. Thanksgiving provides an amazing opportunity to take a tour around the parades, celebrations and other historical sites. Thanksgiving parades in the Washington, DC area are enjoyed by people of all age groups, so it makes for a good event to attend with your family.

Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade
The Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade is held in downtown Silver Spring. It’s also called the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade and its fun for the whole family. This amazing celebration is one to enjoy with the entire family and it should be on your list if you’re taking a DC bus tour. The parade has an exciting lineup of large floats and colorful balloons. There’s also a signature Santa Claus sleigh along with reindeer that make a thrilling appearance as they throw candy to the crowds.
Performances by the Washington Redskins Marching band and various other high school bands will make for an amazing feature in the Silver Spring Thanksgiving Parade. There will be other segments of the parade that features clowns, trained show dogs and even popular characters in costume. Fire engines take part in the festivities by making an appearance in the parade. These celebrations are scheduled to take place no matter what whether befalls the Silver Spring area. Volunteers can also dress up in costume as storybook characters like gingerbread men to take part in the parade. You can see them in their colorful attire, riding the huge floats or handling the balloons. They’re also assigned to throw the sweets to the audience.

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Taking a DC bus tour will provide you and your family with ample opportunity to enjoy the festivities to your heart’s content. It helps you experience every amazing highlight of the parade without missing anything. You’ll be able to have a clear view as various performers fill the streets in costumes of different animals and watch the dance groups mesmerize the audience with their flawless movements. No need to tire yourself by following the parade on your own. Instead, just book tickets for a DC bus tour and watch as the celebrations start off at Ellsworth Drive and enjoy it the whole way up until it reaches Silver Spring Avenue.

Reston Town Center Holiday Parade
This wonderful event to celebrate the beauty of Thanksgiving is held in the Reston Town Center. Enjoy an enriching experience form a day filled with wondrous activities like charities and sing-along. It starts early in the morning with fun-filled activities for the children that also serve an amazing cause as funds from these activities goes to the Neediest Kids Charity.
The parade that takes place is similar to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade that takes place in New York City. This is due to the fact that it highlights the appearance of balloons and floats that resemble the ones in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Talented dancers and marching bands will fill the streets to display their skill to the crowds. Staple features of a parade such as cars and popular characters in costume will be there as well. The flagship appearance of Santa and Mrs. Claus in a beautiful carriage is what everyone looks forward to. Many participants register to take part in the parade and help out in the festivities.   

Capitol Building at Sunset

After the parade, Santa and Mrs. Claus take pictures with the audience. Proceeds from the cost of taking a picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus benefit a non-profit and thus celebrate a spirit of giving. An amazing tree-lighting takes event place in Fountain Square, which is led by Santa and Mrs. Claus. It begins after they make a fantastic entrance on their horse-drawn carriage. After lighting up all of Reston Town Center they continue the cheerful event by performances of holiday songs. Children can have a chance to ride in the beautiful carriage while proceeds from the cost of rides go to a non-profit.  
Have fun while you take rides on a mini-train and take pictures of the holiday aesthetic. Many people volunteer to take part in the parade and help organize the events. They help with logistics, catering or even just put on a costume to bring smiles on faces. They also carry out a tradition of distributing jingle bells to children that attend the parade. This adds to the ambiance of the holiday season. Children can get their jingle bells along the Market Street and Fountain Square before the parade begins. Later on, after the parade celebrations begin, they can pick them up near Mercury Fountain and the Pavilion.   
The fabulous parade is about one hour long and goes along Market Street for a half mile. The tradition of the Reston Town Center Holiday Parade is one that has been carried out since 1991 and would take place be it a sunny or rainy day. An amazing way to experience the parade to its full extent would be to take a DC bus tour to see it. This way you’ll be able to take in an amazing view of the celebrations that attracts thousands of people from near and far that come to view the spectacle.
So don’t miss out on an opportunity to view how Thanksgiving is celebrated in Washington, DC. Make sure to take a bus tour to help you make the most of your trip to DC. Avoid traffic that can ruin an otherwise wonderful experience and opt for a bus tour to view the amazing Thanksgiving Parades that take place in Washington, DC. It can become a memorable experience that you can share with family and friends.

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