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Time Looper - Virtual Reality Experience

  • Your smartphone, paired with USA Guided Tours' VR headsets, will enhance your sightseeing experience by creating a window into the past!

  • In partnering with TimeLooper, USA Guided Tours can tell your story in an entirely new way, taking visitors beyond the "now” and into the past

  • Enrich your trip with 360-degree virtual reality stories, thereby physically and emotionally connecting them with the historical and cultural heritage

Upgrade your sightseeing experience today and transform your tour into a time-traveling journey!

Simply select "TimeLooper" as an add-on option when booking your tour with us, and receive a headset for your travel-back-in-time experience!


TimeLooper is a mobile app that lets you travel back in time using your smartphone and TimeLooper's cutting edge augmented and virtual reality technologies.
TimeLooper has recreated and documented historic events at iconic locations across the globe, enabling visitors to not only see the sites as they are today, but also re-live the moments that made them memorable.
TimeLooper is revolutionizing tourism, sightseeing and the way history is told. TimeLooper experiences are currently available in London, New York, Washington DC, Budapest, Berlin and İzmir. New locations and partners are being added every day.