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Washington DC NIGHT TOUR

Washington DC is remarkable after dark. USA Guided Tours brings you a unique, breathtaking experience of our Nation’s Capital, flooded with lights during our night tour. Throughout the evening, learn about the Memorials of our famous American leaders who helped shape the United States of America. Many of the architectural landmarks in Washington, D.C. commemorate the important chapters in American history. With USA Guided Tours, you’ll experience a unique way of visiting Monuments and Memorials like the breathtaking Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, the unprecedented Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the inspiring Marine Corps War Memorial.

Let’s look at Washington DC with complete different set of lenses. This may be your first time in Washington DC or you may be a veteran when it comes to Washington DC Tours, but our night tour shows you DC the way you have never seen it before.  USA Guided Tours Night Tour will show you Washington DC in a way you have never even imagined.  USA Guided Tours brings you a unique and breathtaking experience of Washington DC Monuments and Memorials, each of which commemorate important chapters in the American History.

When our experienced and certified guides lead you to the many Memorials, you cannot stop getting lost within their grandiosity. When we begin our tour at US Navy Memorial, you might be amazed by the deep knowledge of our tour guides when they say that it was actually Pierre L’Enfant’s idea to build a memorial commemorating the navy armed forces which was eventually built after 1980.

Since all the roads in Washington DC lead to the US Capitol, one of our most popular stops is the US Capitol Building.  Our knowledgeable and certified Guides will tell you much more during this night tour.

You might forget about an amazing picture of flood lit black granite you were about to take when our guide tells you that the designer of the Vietnam War Memorial was a 21 year old college student.

Now imagine what you would’ve missed if you had gone with another tour company who have recordings replacing the live guides that USA Guided Tours offers, where we always have a knowledgeable and certified person accompanying you through Washington DC and telling you fun facts.  A recording will not tell you that 36 enormous columns in Lincoln Memorial represent 36 states in the union at the time of President Abraham Lincoln’s death.

A recording will probably not ask you to count 19 Statues in the Korean War Memorial, double them with the reflections you can see in the wall to make it 38, and then quiz you with what significance 38 have in the Korean War. You could show off your general knowledge by saying 38th parallel separates two Korea or just thank yourself for choosing USA Guided Tours for your Night Tour in Washington DC.

Tour groups are small enough that our tour guides will tell you that there was a plaster statue in place of a current bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson when you are busy counting steps in the Jefferson Memorial.

When you visit FDR Memorial, our experienced tour guide will suggest you to pretend standing in line which represents troubles of every day citizens during great depression.

Did you know that Iwo Jima Memorial’s statue is one of the largest in the world? Or is it 75.5 feet tall? Even if you knew that, we bet that you did not know that JFK issued a proclamation that the US flag should always fly from the top of the memorial. Our licensed guide will tell you all that and much more about Iwo Jima Memorial.

Another popular stop is the only Memorial in the Nation’s Capital to honor person of color. Martin Luther King Memorial is one of the newest memorials in Washington DC, which was dedicated in 2011.

Our much anticipated stop at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, which actually got its name in 1901 but was built 100 years before that.  An interesting fact is that a thunderstorm saved the White House when British troops set the White House on fire in 1814.

Apart from telling you a lot more interesting facts about these Monuments in Washington DC during our night tour, you will also experience many other monuments and historical buildings along the way.

Even more are these places, which you will see through our comfortable bus:

  •  Natural History Museum
  •  Arlington Cemetery
  •  FBI Building
  •  Bureau of Engraving &   Printing
  •  National Archives
  •  Holocaust Museum
  •  Union Station
  •  The Pentagon
  •  Taft Memorial
  •  Capitol Office Buildings
  •  Kennedy Center


Our Guides provide complete insights of every attraction. What are you waiting for?