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Washington, DC is a stunning and wonderful city. When you see America in films and television shows, so much of the time you’ll see California or New York, meaning this amazing city, the country’s capital, can be overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be.

Washington DC Tours

Those of us who are into history have so much to explore here in Washington, DC. Of course, the presidential history of the city is huge and the Lincoln Memorial is visited around 6 million times a year. Many of the museums stay free of charge to visit, and even if you don’t go inside a lot of the buildings are very impressive. Whether you want to go to the history museum or the art museum, there is something for everyone.

Architecture is very impressive in the city and has a European influence. The Washington Monument is the tallest building in the city and one of the most iconic sights to visit, and of course, let us not forget about the White House. Many of the lesser-known buildings are also stunningly built and provide a lot of eye candy.

Washington, DC Sightseeing

There is more in the city for sports fans, shoppers, and the arts, and what better place to see it all than with guided Washington, DC bus, walking, or custom private tours by USA Guided Tours!

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