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While Hollywood might be the heart of the film industry, it’s New York City that often steals the show as the scenic backdrop for countless unforgettable cinematic moments. At USA Guided Tours, we share your passion for movies and feature many of these iconic locations on our highly-rated day and evening tour itineraries. If you’re a movie enthusiast planning a trip to NYC, here are some landmarks you’ll want to visit to relive your favorite film scenes.

No discussion about NYC on film would be complete without mentioning the Empire State Building. It’s impossible to forget the image of King Kong fending off airplanes after climbing its towering 102 stories. The building’s observation deck is also where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks finally meet in the charming 1993 rom-com, Sleepless in Seattle. Our day tour offers a great opportunity to appreciate the building’s unique Art Deco design and to plan a nighttime visit for breathtaking views of the city​.

Meg Ryan, the undisputed queen of NYC romantic comedies, shines in 1989’s When Harry Met Sally, giving the Lower East Side’s Katz’s Delicatessen the best promotion ever. Remember to order what she’s having! Katz’s is conveniently located near Little Italy and Soho, which we traverse on our Big Apple in Lights evening tour. Don’t hesitate to ask your guide for directions to the deli and for some sandwich suggestions. Meg also takes us to the sophisticated French-style Café Lalo in You’ve Got Mail and stages a memorable leap from the Brooklyn Bridge (into the 19th-century!) in Kate and Leopold.

As we journey to Central Park — a delightful supporting character in multiple films including Enchanted and Elf — we pass by 57th Street, home to the renowned Tiffany & Co. Who could overlook Audrey Hepburn in her “little black dress” in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? It’s a short distance from our Rockefeller Center stop on the day tour, so channel your inner Holly Golightly and admire the luxurious window displays, perhaps while enjoying a takeaway danish and coffee.

Our NYC evening bus tour wraps up at one of the city’s most magnificent locations: Grand Central Terminal, with its enchanting sea-green ceiling of stars. Stand under this indoor night sky and envision the flow of passengers waltzing by, as depicted by Robin Williams in The Fisher King. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to visit the famous Oyster Bar later. Or, you might embrace your inner Hitchcock and imagine being Cary Grant in North by Northwest, hiding among the crowd from the police and those who’ve framed you for murder. Who knew such beauty could hold such suspense?​

These locations are just a few examples of iconic movie scenes set in New York City, arguably the best character actor in cinema history. Visit these famous spots, along with other NYC landmarks, with our Discover NY guided bus tour today. You can even request a custom “NYC in the Movies” private tour, led by our expert guides in our comfortable, climate-controlled buses. Don’t miss this opportunity!​

Please note that the availability and operations of tours can change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the tour operators for the most current information.

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