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Explore the Historic Flatiron Building NYC

If you’re seeking a true icon of New York City history, look no further than the Flatiron Building NYC. Nestled at 175 Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to the city’s innovative spirit and rich heritage.

A Glimpse into History

Standing proudly on a triangular block formed by the intersections of Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and East 22nd Street, the Flatiron Building is a cornerstone of the Ladies’ Mile Historic District. This area encapsulates an era of elegance and growth in the city’s history.

Initially commissioned to rise above the cityscape by a Chicago architect, this skyscraper was a pioneer, marking one of the first structures of its kind north of 14th Street. Originally named after George A. Fuller, the visionary founder of the Fuller Company, the moniker “Flatiron” became synonymous with the building due to its unique wedge-shaped design – reminiscent of the flatirons used for ironing clothes before the age of electricity.

An NYC Landmark in Every Sense

The Flatiron District, the vibrant neighborhood surrounding this architectural gem, derives its name from this iconic structure. The building itself earned its status as a designated New York City landmark in 1966, and its exceptional historical significance led to its recognition as a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

Over the course of its existence, the Flatiron Building witnessed a succession of owners, eventually falling under the ownership of Harry S. Black, the CEO of the Fuller Company.

An Ongoing Legacy for the Flatiron Building

Today, the Flatiron Building houses the headquarters of Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press, along with their affiliated enterprises. Steeped in a legacy of publishing and creativity, the building continues to be a hub of intellectual pursuits.

Among the building’s intriguing anecdotes, the term “23 Skidoo” holds a special place. Originating from the Flatiron Building’s vicinity, this phrase was used by police officers to encourage men who lingered at the street corner of 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue to move along. Due to the unique wind patterns created by the building’s shape, the skirts of passing women would occasionally flutter upwards, revealing their legs – a daring sight for its time.

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