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For yet another year, TripAdvisor has awarded USA Guided Tours New York its Certificate of Excellence! It’s really our happy customers’ rave reviews we have to thank for this honor, of course—and our excellent guides and drivers!

So, how do our customers love our daytime“Discover NY” and nighttime “Big Apple in Lights” bus tours? Let us count the ways—there are almost as many as there are stories in the Empire State Building!

Holly S. appreciated how small her group was, giving her tour a really personal feel. On our climate-controlled compact luxury buses, you’ll never have to worry about making yourself heard across a crowded double-decker or feeling lost in the crowd. It’s easy enough to feel that way in the Big Apple when dwarfed by landmarks like Rockefeller Center and Wall Street, so our tours take extra care to help you get situated. It is called the “Big Apple,” after all!

Other customers love how family-friendly our tours are. Terry’s 3 “tweenage” and younger children loved our daytime “Discover NY” tour so much, they never got bored! She also appreciated how their guide Mike gave them perfect recommendations for nearby dinner right after the tour ended—perfect when you’ve got young hungry mouths. USA Guided Tours NY, she writes, is the perfect way to start your vacation “so you can identify the areas you want to spend more time in throughout your stay.” We couldn’t agree more!

Our seasonal boat cruise around Liberty and Ellis Islands stood out the most for visitors from Texas. They loved not having to worry about the logistics as much as they appreciated the views, allowing them to focus on the iconic sites they had only seen before on TV or in books rather than searching for tickets or standing in long lines.

Our nighttime “Big Apple in Lights” tour is especially popular during the hot summer months. Andrea from California describes it as a “great way to spend a hot evening,” while Carey from Dallas loved the opportunity to see off-the-beaten-path sites like the High Line. Michelle couldn’t help but exclaim in her review, “my God, this place is beautiful at night!” Jeannie’s favorite was the views of the Manhattan skyline from our stop beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Even Wendy L., who had seen Grand Central Terminal before, appreciated hearing tidbits that were completely new.  

Appreciation for our “extremely knowledgeable,” “enthusiastic,” “accommodating,” “friendly,” and “awesome” guides is universal. Even our expert drivers come in for a lot of praise; with words like “outstanding,” “professional,” and “skilled,” it’s clear that NYC’s reputation for tough traffic precedes us!

I think David from Cape Town, South Africa sums it up perfectly: USA Guided Tours NY bus tours are “unbeatable.” So, see what all of our satisfied customers are talking about and book your seat on one of our buses today!

Sara Murphy | USA Guided Tours NY Blog Contributor